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  • 【小考英语作文】《演讲》_500字

    Helping each other makes the world wonderful. Hello, everyone. I‘m tom, it’s nice to speak about help here in our life. We often help others and also get help from others. When we help our classmat阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《《hobbies》》_600字

    Hello,every one i‘m xxx(你的名字).Different person have Different hobbiesI have a lot of hobbies .l like reading very much,beacuse i think reading can make me smart.I also like dancing ,beacuse it can k阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《My Point Of Reading》_1000字

    The “Nationwide Reading”has been put in the government work report in order to encourage a love of reading in all Chinese people. But there are a large number of peopel have different reasons for t阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《poetry(诗)》_1000字

    I like to sit in a boat in the murmuring water.(我喜欢在潺潺流水中,坐与舟中。) Taste fragrant tea, listen to the sound of water, look at the green willows on the other side, read poetry, and understand poetry.阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Unhappy you》_1200字

    Walk alone in the street and look around. Strange pedestrians, lonely roads, bright street lights, but that day she was very sad. The girl met a boy on the Internet. They've known each other for m阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《now》_1200字

    Write to yourself in the future: Lulu, thirteen years old, do you know? I'm the one with broken time. Congratulations on your graduation. I remember when I first started school, I was an innocent阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《your best gift for yourself》_3000字

    What is your best gift for yourself? Effort is the best gift I can give myself. If a person doesn't work hard, then life will only make you still decadent; but if a person works hard, then life m阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Poetic beauty》_3000字

    In the field of poetry and literature, a flower that never fades and a treasure that shines with all kinds of colors. She has an interesting and beautiful unique style - free and easy poetry, elegan阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《time》_1000字

    Those things you think about for a long time, they are deeply buried in your heart. When you think of them, you cry. When you want to put them down, but don't know that you really can't put them d阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《My sister》_250字

    My sister is a slim girl, who's already more than 19 years old. She's fond of reading novels and She is good at PE. She is not only lovely but also reliable. In the daily life, I often ask for her阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Panda》_350字

    I like animals very much and my favorite animal is panda. The panda is a black and white animal and it is very cute. It's friendly and clever.And it's live in forest mountains of sichuan China. It阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《make a real friend》_1200字

    Do you want to have a real friend? If you want to have it, try to make friends with him or her. Friends are the people you care about with enthusiasm, the people you protect with your life, and th阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Jhon》_300字

    My name is John, this is my family portrait. My family has different interests. My father is a teacher. He likes to read. My mother is an engineer. He likes to draw some photos. My little sister is阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《给Tom回信》_700字

    Dear, From your letter. I know you hate to do chores, but I disagree with you. Here are my opinions: First of all, doing chores can help us. Why did I think that? Because when we do the chores, we阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《My sister》_350字

    My sister Hello! My name is Mike. I have a sister. She name is Lisa. She is tall and thin. She has long hair. She has two big eyes and often wear glasses. She outstanding achievement. She is very阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《May Day holiday》_900字

    大家好!我的名字是Sam。五一假期将要到了,现在让我来告诉你我们的五一计划。 在五月一日,我的父母打算去参观,他们坐着观光游览车绕了城市一圈,还买了很多的东西。在五月二日,我的哥哥打算和他的朋友们外出,可能是去旅游,可是他们没有叫上我,因为我还太小,不能和他们一起去,那样太危险了。在五月三日,我打算独自一人待在家里,听一会儿歌,玩一会儿电脑,然后和丸子在院子里玩,丸子是一条很聪明的狗,它很漂阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《zoo》_500字

    There is a zoo near my house.The zoo is very big and very beautiful ,the zoo has some kinds of animals ,pandas,lions,tigers,elephants,monkeys. Panda is very cute and very fat ,but it is not my favo阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《I am what I am》_1000字

    Everyone is different, everyone has their own unique advantages and disadvantages of trouble. Of course, I am also a person who has advantages and disadvantages. I usually do not love to talk, are阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《I am what I am》_1000字

    A shiny black hair, a pair of bright eyes, a height of the nose, a row of uneven teeth, this is me. Prosperity, joy, joy...... Because "Xin" and any combination of words have a good meaning, so Gran阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《May Day holiday》_1200字

    五一劳动节已经来临,我十分开心,因为这是一个快乐的假期,快乐的假期对于我们来说十分重要。 May day is coming, I am very happy, because it is a happy holiday, happy holiday is very important for us. 在假期第一天,我把作业写完,因为我的作业实在是太多了,而且题目还很难。写完作业后,我就边阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《我的老师》_750字

    Once taught my teacher has a lot of, but make me the deepest memory is to teach my sixth grade language teacher, she is also the head teacher of our class, she is a serious person, from a lot of peo阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《村里的池塘》_700字

    There is a pond in our village. Pond, there are a couple of bench around it. It although there is no sea billows, also does not have the mountain, but I am deeply in love with it, just like love me阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《A happy day》_350字

    今天,我很开心,因为玲玲要来,所以我很开心 。 这天我把吃的准备好,就开始打扫卫生,弄好后,我就看看电视,玩玩电脑。 等了很久她才到我跟她玩了好久,吃过 饭 以后 我跟她玩了很久才睡觉。 Today, I am very happy, because Lingling is coming, so I am very happy. That day I get ready to eat, th阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Go fishing》_1000字

    星期天,爸爸、妈妈带我到人民公园玩。 On Sunday, my father and mother took me to the people's park. 玩过划船和赛车后,我们走到了动物园,门口有好多人在那里钓鱼。我一看就说:“我要钓鱼。”“好吧,我们就钓鱼!”妈妈同意了,我连忙跑过去跟一个叔叔要了根钓鱼竿,开始钓鱼了。 After rowing and racing, we阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Snow》_750字

    春夏秋冬四季,最令你期待的是那个季节呢?我最期待的是雪季,因为雪季是最令所有的人都开心的日子。 Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, the most you look forward to is that season? I look forward to most is because of the snow season, is to m阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Rag doll》_1000字

    小丽有两个布娃娃,一个是一只小狗,一个是一只小鹿。 Mary has two dolls, one is a puppy, and the other is a deer. 有一天,奶奶有送小丽一个新布娃娃。她穿着长长的红裙子,黑色的头发一直垂到腰际,漂亮极了! One day, grandma has sent Mary a new doll. She was dressed in a阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Treading water》_750字

    是一种欢快的游戏,印记在我心中...... Is a kind of happy game, imprint in my heart...... 雨后,到处都是水,我和小伙伴们手拉手、光着脚走向水洼。到了水洼,我们个个兴奋不以,跑向水洼。左踩一脚,右踩一脚。在嬉戏中,一不小心,滑了一跤,还哈哈的笑着,而一旁的人就用水泼撒着对方,心中也盼望自己滑一跤。 After the rain, wa阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Narcissus》_900字

    舅舅送给我们一盆水仙花,它有一颗球形白色的鳞茎,连着又细又长的叶子,就象一根翠绿的羽毛插在上面一样,叶片不是很厚,仔细观察,还能看到叶子外面有一层“白霜”呢。 My uncle gave us a pot of daffodils, it has a spherical white bulb, even a long thin leaves, like a green feather in阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《Beautiful night sky》_1200字

    太阳公公回家了,美丽的夜空出来了! The sun went home, the beautiful night sky came out! 月亮妈妈生了许许多多的小星星.有老大、老二和老三........ The moon mother gave birth to a lot of small stars 在夜空里,许多小星星睡不着.月亮妈妈给小星星哼起了摇篮曲,月亮妈妈把自己给哼睡阅读全文

  • 【小考英语作文】《A happy day》_900字

    一天,小动物到森林里找东西吃。 One day, the little animal went to the forest to look for something to eat. 小兔子叼着一根胡萝卜来到小路边,它先把胡萝卜放在地上,用前爪按住,再低下头,一口一口地把胡萝卜吃掉。小猪也出来找食吃。小羊在路边慢慢地吃着草。小鱼在水里欢快地游着。小鸟在蓝蓝的天上飞翔。小鸭子也从水里跑出来了阅读全文


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